ASU Sun Devils Heatin’ Up

The Arizona State University sports teams have had a spectacular 2016 year. If you haven’t been paying attention over the past year, we’ll give you a quick recap. The ASU football team was probably the most disappointing of the Sun Devils’ sports teams, but they still made it to a bowl game! The tennis team was surprisingly one of the most successful and underrated teams coming into the 2016 season and walked away with a championship. The Sun Devils basketball team didn’t make it very far in the March Madness basketball tournament and wound up losing in the second round. The golf team had a great year with star player Adam Campbell winning the NCAA golf championships. Adam deserves a special side note here because he accomplished something that no other golfer at ASU has ever accomplished. Adam won more golf tournaments for the school, 16 to be exact, than any other player in history! Adam not only broke the record, he shattered it. The previous player with the most wins only had 7 in one season. Adam got more than double that! Needless to say, it was quite a year for ASU sports but what do they need to do to carry that momentum going forward? Keep reading to find out.

It’s important for the ASU Sun Devils to work hard this season, but more importantly they need to maintain the staff and coaches they’ve acquired over the years. It’s going to be tough because the basketball, golf, and tennis coaches have contracts that expire at the end of 2017 so it’s important to start negotiating keeping these guys on the following years. A lot of you are probably saying slow down, one season at a time. The problem with this mentality is that the college coaching market is extremely competitive and the bankrolls of these teams are growing every year. With some of the highest paid coaches earning upwards of eight million dollars, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep good coaches on college sports teams. The good news is, all 3 of these coaches that have expiring contracts coming up have been with their programs for many years and really love where they’re at, both professionally, and geographically. On top of keeping the coaching staff, I know that a lot of ASU teams have been prospecting like crazy and have never been more excited about the high school talent they will be bringing in next year. From local baseball stars to east coast basketball phenoms, 2017 is surely going to be an exciting year for the ASU sports teams.   

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Go Coyotes!

phoenix coyotesThe Phoenix Coyotes hockey team hasn’t accomplished a whole lot in… well, it’s been longer than I can remember since they were a contender in the playoffs. The Coyotes have had diminishing visitor turnouts over the years and has now merely become just something to do to kill a Friday or Saturday night. The last time I went to a game with my sister (we got free tickets, I wouldn’t pay to see the Coyotes personally) the stadium seemed virtually empty. The tickets that we got for free would have usually cost about $50 and boy am I glad I didn’t pay that much money to see these guys play. First of all, our seats were really good, I think we were 6 rows back from the glass which was awesome but also explains why they were so expensive. We felt like there were only a handful of people in the section we were in so I guess I’m not the only person who feels like paying that amount of money to see the Coyotes play is not worth it. I will admit that regardless of who is playing, it is nice to get out and watch a sports game of some sorts. I’ve also gone to a Phoenix Suns game just for something to do, but that’s a lot different compared to being in a die hard sports town like New York or something. People kill other people to go to these games! OK, that might be dramatic but I’m sure at some point in history someone got killed and the killer got away with some Yankees tickets so it’s not totally false. But the point I’m trying to make is that in Arizona, especially with the Coyotes, people just kind of go to these games to kill an evening. In New York, people go to the games because they live for it. They know they’re going to see something exciting and be able to scream and shout and feel the excitement that the stadium brings. Meanwhile, 3,000 miles across the country, most Arizona sports stadiums are meekly filled out with no energy. One exception to this is the Cardinals. The Cardinals have been putting together some really great seasons over the last 5 years and actually getting people excited. Cardinals games have been filled up with die hard sports fans for quite a long time but we are talking about football here, and unless your the Cleveland Browns getting fans out to see a football game isn’t usually that tough. We’ll go into depth more about the Cardinals in the next post, so in the meantime if you have any feedback on any of the sports teams in Arizona, give us a shout here.

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Sports in the Arizona Summer

For all of you active bodies out there, we wanted to share with you some great sports leagues you can get involved in without dying of heat stroke this summer! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite leagues to participate in that are either indoors or take place in the evenings. We understand that not all of you are going to be up for doing stuff during the summer. For some of us getting out of our vehicles in transition from one place to another is enough heat to take for the day! We promise you that after reading this article you’ll walk away with a few ideas that should keep you and your family entertained this summer.

Our first and favorite choice for staying busy during the summer is to join an indoor bowling league. Sometimes these leagues are better known as “beer leagues” because participants are allowed to drink beer during the games. Don’t get it twisted though, these leagues can be very competitive for those of you looking for a real challenge. Luckily for me and my colleagues here, there is also leagues for beginners (or people that don’t break 150 points during the game). We’ve been participating in a bowling league for the last several years and have been having a great time. The leagues usually start in the evenings so you can leave your house when it’s cooler out and remain in the nice air conditioned bowling alley for the rest of the night. We were really close to winning an all paid for trip to Vegas in our league, so there are definitely some cool perks for you good bowlers out there!

Our next, and second favorite option is to play in a softball league. There are plenty of leagues located throughout the valley and offer both all men’s and women’s teams, and a co-ed option. Just like bowling, these games take place in the evenings so it’s not as horrible as it might sound. Granite, it’s still pretty warm outside when and you’re running around the bases at full blast you quickly realize how hot it is outside! It’s fun though and there are leagues that remain full every summer because of the great time everyone has during the games. The blog team has been actively playing co-ed softball for the last 5 years and have actually walked away with 6 different championship victories! We’re not bragging, OK maybe we’re bragging a little it, but the point is that you can have a blast without over heating during summer. We highly recommend the Scottsdale leagues at Chaparral field. The people that run that league are great and the teams are filled with good people. Like any other sport, you do come across teams that take it way too seriously, but as long as your laughing when your beating or losing to these teams, the important thing is that you’re having fun!