Softball is a great sport for retired baseball and softball players to participate in. However, if you’ve never played before or are inexperienced, there are plenty of great options for you to learn the game while having fun doing it. Softball in the Phoenix area gets a little harsh during the summer months but it can still be a year round sport which makes it easy to to keep building on the skills that you’re learning. We’re going to cover the basics of joining a softball league and what to look for when signing up.

First of all, one thing that’s important to know if you’re new to softball is that there are men’s leagues and co-ed leagues. If you’re a guy and a skilled softball player, you’ll probably want to consider playing in a men’s league. The environment that you play within is typically more competitive in an all men’s league because everyone on each team can usually smash the ball pretty hard. I’m not saying by any means that men’s leagues are always more competitive than co-ed leagues because I’ve played on some championship co-ed teams that were very competitive and we always wanted to win. For the sake of this article I’m simply trying to highlight that if you’re looking into softball, you have options.

As we mentioned above, there are many different caliber softball players out there that all love playing the game. Since there are so many players with different levels of skill sets, there are different leagues you can join. Basically, in both the all men’s leagues and the co’ed leagues, there are 4 different brackets you can choose to join with A being the most competitive, and D being the leas competitive. If you’re new to softball or don’t have much experience, you’re going to want to look at joining what’s known as the D league. If you do have some experience playing and your team mates do too, you should consider stepping up to C league. I’ve seen both A and B leagues be extremely competitive and one thing to note here is that sometimes your team won’t be able to play on the night that the bracket you want to be in is scheduled on. This can create some conflict because sometimes you’ll see teams that should be in a higher bracket playing in a lower bracket simply because of scheduling conflicts. One year I was playing in the D bracket and a team joined our league that won the C bracket the season prior. This turned out to be a blessing because we beat them in the championship game and it really made us step our game up to a higher level than we knew we were capable of.

Softball is an awesome way to spend time with friends and compete at an awesome game against other teams. I’ve been playing softball for 4 years now and my team mates and I always get excited when it’s time to sign up for the new season because it means we all get to participate in comradery, competition, and maybe even a trophy celebration at the end of the season.