I know that golf is a niche sport and not everyone can afford a nice round of golf on a consistent basis. That’s what I thought too before I started exploring and discovering golf leagues at reasonable prices. Golf in general has been on a major decline lately and golf courses all over the world are scrambling to find ways to bring in golfers on a consistent basis onto their courses. This has created a wonderful opportunity by making it affordable for average Joe’s like us to get in on this character building¬†sport. The reason I say that golf builds character is because it takes patience, focus, and integrity. Golf leagues are no longer only obtainable for the elite earners in this world so I wanted to share some cool leagues I’ve found around the valley that are affordable.

The first golf league I ever joined was at Continental Golf Course in Scottsdale, Arizona. This isn’t the most breathtaking course in the area, but it’s challenging and will help you improve your game. When I joined this course, they had local specials which included joining the league for free, all you had to do was cover the cost of your discounted round every time you played. The grand total to play this course with the “member” discount was only $11 per round. If you can afford $11 per week, you can join this club for free and start improving your game immediately.

Another golf league I joined last year was at Star Fire Golf Club, also located in Scottsdale, AZ. This league cost $100 to join (still pretty reasonable) and they also give you a discount each time you play in the league. Usually, this course costs upwards of $129 per round but with your league discount you only have to pay $59. If you’re barely scraping by, Continental is probably a better choice than Star Fire. However, if you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, I would highly recommend joining the Star Fire league. They have a beautiful, well groomed, challenging course. They have a lot more hazards than Continental so if you’re looking for a more challenging course, this may suit your needs perfectly.

The last golf league I wanted to give honorable mention to is the Papago Golf Course located in Phoenix. Out of the 3 leagues I’ve mentioned in this article, Papago is by far the most challenging. This course is tucked up in the mountains and features a tee box that is elevated above the fairway by 300 feet! The fairways are tight which doesn’t leave much room for error so if you’re new to the sport and can’t hit it straight, stay away from this course. If you’re an intermediate level golfer, this course may be a good fit for you. It cost $250 to join their weekly league which may seem like a lot but if you play on a consistent basis joining the league will end up saving you a lot of money. When you join their league, you save over $70 every time you play. If you play at least 5 times, than you’ve already made a wise decision by joining their league.

I would highly recommend taking advantage of the declining sport of golf before it picks up pace again. Now is a better time than ever to start learning how to play the game at an affordable price. Golf is one of those sports that you can play your entire life, even into your retirement. If you think you might enjoy the game, go ahead and call your local course and ask about their fees to join their league or simply play a round of golf. If you don’t have clubs, you can usually rent them at a reasonable rate. For tips to improve you skills in the game of golf, go ahead and visit golfdigest.com, they have great tips for inexperienced players.¬†golf-leagues-in-the-greater-phoenix-area