Hi, my names Gregory and I’ve been¬†participating in sports leagues for the past several years in the Greater Phoenix area. I was an athlete growing up in high school with a focus on baseball, football, and racing motorcycles. After I graduated college I wanted to continue playing sports but knew I didn’t have the time to commit to practicing to play at any professional level so I started checking out some local recreational sports leagues. Before I could even join one of them, my co-worker Sam invited me to play softball because one of their players couldn’t make the game. I jumped at the chance and wound up having a blast while making a lot of new friends on the team. I still play softball with them but I’ve also joined a men’s golf league and bowling league as well. Since joining all of these leagues, I’ve spoken to many avid recreational sports players and learned a lot about the valley’s hottest leagues to play in which is why I created this blog. I hope to inspire people that are unsure of themselves or scared to reach out and join a team for the fear they won’t do good or are scared to be get out there and be social.